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Finaeo is powering the future of life and health insurance. Our digital marketplace helps brokers increase efficiency and take clients from prospect-to-policy.

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Simplify your sales process in four easy steps.

Our marketplace provides brokers with direct access to carrier products to accelerate quoting, underwriting and binding of policies in real-time.

Digital Client On-boarding

Earn customer trust through efficient on-boarding. Use our digital fact finder to seamlessly collect client data while offering a personalized on-boarding experience.

Intelligent Product Recommendation

Access top-tier carriers all on one platform. Our recommendation engine analyzes client data to help you source and compare the best products in a fraction of the time.

Instant Quote Generation

After you’ve found the right product, quotes are generated instantly. No paperwork required here – quotes are customized for each client and shared through the click of a button.

Digital Application & Payment

Reduce the time it takes to get your client across the line. Application forms are centralized and auto-populated with client information to make policy fulfillment efficient and paper-free!

Brokers Carriers Distributors

Streamline distribution and deliver your products to clients, faster.


  • Help brokers discover and position your products
  • Manufacture and deploy new products to market
  • Automate field underwriting and risk assessment


  • Reduce distribution costs and increase sales volume
  • Minimize risk with our compliant operating system
  • Accelerate distribution through our network of broker agencies and IMOs


  • Leverage data to assess individual needs and risk profiles
  • Gain a deeper understanding of client purchase patterns
  • Track the performance of your products in real-time and optimize for success
Brokers Carriers Distributors

Enhance your brokers' sales process and capture more business with Finaeo’s digital marketplace.

Learn more about how we work with BGAs and IMOs to transform the distribution process.

Accelerate policy applications and approvals

  • Streamline the application process with our digital workflow
  • Increase your volume of policy submissions and approvals
  • Reduce distribution costs and save time on each transaction

Unlock additional revenue

  • Increase broker sales capacity through digital distribution
  • Expand market reach and client exposure
  • Access a wide range of carrier products through our marketplace

Recruit and retain new brokers

  • Digital tools to provide best-in-class client service
  • Identify cross-selling opportunities from a variety of carrier products
  • Reduce broker training and on-boarding costs

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