Harnessing Technology to Bring Clients from Prospect to Policy

Insurance is an important part of financial planning and wealth planning. Technology can help insurance brokers more effectively bring useful products to their clients, which can in turn help those clients maintain and protect their wealth. Today’s guest understands how cutting-edge technology can help advisors streamline processes, manage tasks, and discover unexpected efficiencies. Most importantly, he recognizes the importance of maintaining a human touch in the process.

Aly Dhalla is the CEO and Co-founder of Finaeo, a startup that was created to help insurance advisors thrive in a digital world. Finaeo provides advisors with a digital tool-kit and an on-demand concierge back-office. This enables advisors to create what Aly calls the Bionic Advisor – a human advisor empowered by technology. Listen to the episode to hear more about what Finaeo is all about, what a bionic advisor looks like, and how technology impacts the advisory field now and in the future.

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