Empowering advisors with modern technology.

Our mission is to help you succeed in today’s digital-first environment. Finaeo helps you alleviate paperwork, increase efficiency and give your clients an end-to-end digital experience. 

Quote and compare hundreds of carrier products, digitize client onboarding and accelerate policy applications.

We’re excited to be bringing Canada’s top carrier products to you! Access 1,000+ carrier products on Finaeo’s digital marketplace to streamline your search and access product details at your fingertips. 

Gather information about your client’s needs, and quote any Life or Critical Illness product on Finaeo in just a few clicks.

Help your clients compare product benefits, features and prices in a beautifully-branded comparison report.

Finaeo’s digital financial needs analysis (FNA) helps you gather the information you need to assess your client’s financial goals and unique situation. Streamline client onboarding and easily identify the right products for every situation with our digital FNA.

Finaeo is a one-stop-shop for life and health insurance products. Our carrier storefronts provide you with access to carrier-specific product families, advisor guides and promotions to ensure you’re prepared for every client meeting.