Bits & Bytes: The Financial Advisor Technology Landscape in Early 2017

In this week’s Bit’s & Bytes we answer a question from one of our readers:

I have a 5-year-old practice and we are starting to scale.  I recently read Finaeo’s Bionic Advisor blog post and wanted to learn more about the Technology Landscape for Financial Advisors.  – Jane R

Thanks Jane for the question.

Micheal Kitces
a prominent USA based Financial Advisor recently summarized takeaways from the T3 Advisor Tech Conference in March of 2017 (prior to the public launch of Finaeo).  This T3 Advisor Tech Conference is the best dedicated Fintech conference for financial advisors.  Micheal summarizes the conference very well and also built the following infographic that clearly visualizes the players that make up the Financial Advisor Technology Landscape in early 2017.  Finaeo looks forward to attending next year’s T3 #FINTECH conference and sharing our “Every Financial Advisor Will Be A Bionic Advisor” vision.

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