Streamline your Client Onboarding with Client Portal!

Bridge the divide for you and your clients.

Give your clients a unique digital onboarding experience by giving them access to your custom branded Client Portal today! 


You no longer need to manually upload your branding information for every report or FNA created. Now do a one-time update to your profile with your branding details to generate branded FNAs and Product Comparison Reports for your clients every time.

Document & Notes Sharing

Advisors and brokers can manage and share documents. All documents that a client uploads are automatically shared with you directly in your Finaeo contact manager.

Using Notes Manager, advisors can store all their notes in one central location and share them with their clients through their portal.

Custom FNAs

Advisors and brokers can choose between using a standard FNA template or building their own custom FNAs to save as templates for future use. It enables advisors and brokers to send clients a request to complete their FNAs through the portal as well as track their client’s progress.

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Finaeo is on a mission to help you bridge the digital divide between you and your clients. 

  • Access 1,000+ carrier products.
  • Run product comparisons, generate quotes, and start the checkout process in a matter of minutes.
  • Digitally onboard customers through customizable fact-find questionnaires.
  • Invite clients to self-onboard through a broker-branded white-labeled client portal.
  • Generate more leads with broker landing pages and contact capturing forms.
  • Easily manage contacts, store documents, and create notes. 

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