Finaeo Feature: Landing Page & Quoting Widget

An online presence is a must-have for any business in today’s world. However, it can be a long and expensive process to get a website up and running as well as require some skill or outside assistance to maintain. At Finaeo, we are on a mission to bridge the divide between advisors and their clients and to empower insurance agents with tech tools, so you can spend more time connecting with your clients and less time on admin work.

With the Finaeo Broker Landing Page, you can establish a custom-branded online presence within minutes! Helping you create a more efficient customer experience by allowing your clients to learn more about you, your services, and make their own quotes. Each quote lead will include their contact and quote information, so you can know what their coverage needs are before you reach out.

Get More Clients for Your Insurance Business!

Create a custom branded landing page with Finaeo to easily collect client information and give them more information about you and your services. Key benefits of the Finaeo landing page include: 

Establish a strong online presence. Meet your clients’ digital expectations even with no web design experience. You can gain more validity as an advisor by establishing a branded online presence with a custom Finaeo landing page.

Gain valuable insight. A client card will automatically be created in your Finaeo contact manager when a lead enters their contact information or makes a quote on your landing page. Know in advance of your first interaction what your leads are interested in so you can quickly turn your leads into clients!

Save precious time. Save valuable time by redirecting leads to your broker landing page to learn all about you and your services, allowing them to make their own quotes, while you automatically collect their contact information.

Personalize your customer experiences. Improve customer experience for your future and existing clients! Customize your landing page with your branding, send clients to a single location to learn what they need to know, and prepare your client interactions based on the insight you receive from their quotes to create a personalized customer experience that works both for you and your clients.

Watch a tutorial video on how to create your branded landing page.

Add a quoting widget to your landing page so your leads can take the first step to create financial security for their loved ones on their own. With a quoting widget on your landing page, your clients will be able to indicate how much coverage they need the term length they’re looking for, as well as enter the necessary personal information to get quote recommendations within minutes.

You’ll save valuable time in your prospect-to-policy journey by being able to use the insight collected from their self-quote to create a more personalized client reach out. Prepare recommendations on the best policy for them so you can get a sense of where to start your conversation and what size of a policy your leads are looking for before you reach out to them. Use the Finaeo quoting widget to save time prospecting for new clients.

The Finaeo quoting widget is available as an add-on to your Finaeo landing page today. 

Watch a tutorial video to learn more about the Finaeo Quoting Widget.

Interested in having the quoting widget embedded on your Finaeo landing page or your own website? Leave your contact info below and we’ll reach out to you!

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