Finaeo Feature: Marketplace for Life Insurance Brokers

Search, Quote and Compare multiple carrier products through the Finaeo Marketplace!

The Finaeo marketplace enables you to browse, customize, and compare multiple carriers and policies all in one place and is an essential tech tool for insurance brokers. Increase efficiency and take clients from prospect to policy on our digital marketplace. 

Save time and sell more


Tired of going back and forth between different carrier platforms? The Finaeo Marketplace acts as a single location to search, quote, compare, and apply to products across multiple carriers so you can spend less time searching for the right products, and more time supporting your clients. You can streamline your daily workflow by eliminating those redundant tasks.


Use your existing contact information to quickly quote across hundreds of products with the click of a button.You’ll also be able to find the product you’re looking for faster by only searching from your favorite carriers. You can even save your carrier filter choices once and auto-filter all future searches even after you log out.

Click here to view the marketplace search and quoting tutorial.

Compare products

Refresh your workflow by simplifying the decision-making process for your clients! The product comparison report tool was built to help your clients decide which products are best suited for your clients by leveraging a side-by-side comparison of product benefits, prices, and features.

Simply click on Compare after you’ve created a quote and the report will allow you to simplify complex product information and present your top recommendations in a professional, user-friendly format. They are fully customizable, enabling you to put your brand and contact details front and center. 

The “Notes” section was built with compliance in mind, allowing you to outline why you are recommending these products specifically. You can generate a branded report in just a few clicks and instantly send it to a printer, save it in your contact manager, or share it with your clients as a PDF.

Click here to view the comparison reports tutorial.


e-Applications from Marketplace

Launch carrier e-applications or download application PDFs directly from our marketplace to help you centralize your workflow! With this feature, you can access applications for any insurance product listed on Finaeo. Simply find the ideal policy for your client, click on the dropdown menu and select “Access E-application” or “Download Application” and improve your workflow in just three easy steps.

For example, carriers such as Empire life allow you to jumpstart their Fast & Full Application directly from the marketplace. Automatically populate client data and policy application details from Finaeo to Empire Life without re-entering any client details.​

Further, you can complete the entire SSQ application process directly from the Finaeo marketplace. Access the integrated SSQ e-application from the dropdown menu on the top right corner of the product card. Then, save time by selecting the application parties from your existing contacts to auto-populate parts of the application. A list of all application sections is displayed, allowing you to easily navigate to any section and save your application to continue later.