Financial Advisors: 3 Ideas For A Productive Summer.

What’s your 30 Mile March for Summer 2018?

Imagine being an explorer in Antartica.  You have to make it to the middle of the continent by the end of the summer.  Do you walk 40-50 miles in good weather and then a few miles or not all during bad conditions? Or do you accomplish your goal faster by committing to walking 30 miles every single day regardless of weather.

In the real world example of the “Heroic Age of Antartica Exploration” to the South Pole,  Explorers Amundsen & Scott did in fact compete to try to accomplish this goal.  Ultimately Amundsen reached the South Pole first.


Amundsen focused on one goal at a time.Amundsen’s one goal was to be the first to reach the South Pole.

Scott on the other had had a dual purpose; get to the Pole first and gather scientific information about the Antarctic.

TAKE AWAY: During your summer work on one thing and one thing only.  To make it the best quarter ever you could continue to generate leads, a specific number of leads each day, each week, each month to hit your quarterly goal.

Work Smarter, Not Harder

Scott & Amundsen choose two very different forms of transportation.

Scott had four different options (ponies, dogs, motor sledges and man-hauling) and Amundsen choose one; dogs.

TAKE AWAY: Select one marketing or sales channel during the summer to focus on.

Successful People Make Their Own Luck, or Failing to Prepare is Preparing to Fail.

Scott was prepared but not as prepared as Amundsen.  Scott didn’t count on Antartica being as unpredictable as it was and he didn’t prepare for the worst.  Scott ended up facing horrible weather conditions and wasn’t prepared for the drops in temperatures and blizzards.

Amundsen left nothing to chance.  He designed his own gear and selected a team that were experts with their hands.  These experts would work 9am to 5pm, six days a week building and refining their custom equipment.

Scott and his team did refine their equipment but spent a significant amount of time writing letters, playing sports and attending evening lectures that each gave.

TAKE AWAY: Be prepared.  Know exactly WHO you are selling too, Practice your Pitches, Know your products sets and be completely dedicated to that one task of being the best salesperson to the ideal client persona(s) you are targeting for the summer.