In Celebration of Pride Month: A Finaeo Story That Inspires

As‌ ‌we‌ ‌celebrate‌ ‌Pride Month this year, we wanted to showcase how we support an inclusive and diverse environment within Finaeo and among our broad professional network of connections.

Finaeo was founded in 2016 with a massive vision of creating the digital fabric to connect and power life/complex insurance, globally.

As with any startup, we worked tirelessly to validate our vision, create an early product and raise the necessary capital to build the business. Along the way, we had to think deeply about the brand we wanted to build and how we could be seen as a trusted partner in an industry with 100’s of years of history and a positive contributors to society. 

We have always put diversity and inclusion at the center of our values with a global staff and global platform. Bringing people from around the world together is the hallmark of our team and platform.

Two key components of our brand story are the name and colour palette we chose. So, what’s in the name? Finaeo was created as a short form of “Financial Advisor Hero”; with the mission of helping financial professionals to create “heroic moments” for their clients. Our marketplace is designed to meet the needs of every user. 

The amount of impact a dedicated financial professional can make on the health of a household is almost unquantifiable. It’s a relationship built on a promise of security, comfort, and trust. We have created a product that serves and includes everyone alike. All the numbers crunching and product talk aside, at the core, our industry is about relationships. It’s a human-first industry. The name Finaeo was designed to help remind both ourselves and our partners that we have true accountability to go above and beyond to serve our customers daily. 

That message of heroic moments is paired with our brand colours which are centered around the colour purple. Purple is a symbolic colour that represents spirit and youth. It’s a colour that was founded on the Pride flag in 1978. Purple is a bold and powerful symbol that Finaeo uses in design to express values and our mission to uplift others.

At Finaeo, we are proud to work with team members coming from 5 different countries on almost every continent, speaking 11 languages, while representing the LGBTQ2S+ community. We have a commitment to diversity to expand our community across the globe, bring new ideas and experiences, learn from each other, and promote creativity in each individual. 

Even though our company has a long way to go, we aim to create a brand representing the values that we believe are most fundamental to building a company. Our values are focused on bringing positive change to the industry and to the community. We will continue on that mission and, most importantly, are here to say that we support and admire the diversity of the communities we aim to support and serve.