Share Contacts, not Logins! 

Easily invite members of your brokerage firm to join your Teams on Finaeo.

The Finaeo Teams feature brings collaboration to a whole new level. Easily invite members of your firm to access your company’s client profiles from their individual accounts. Establish roles and capabilities for each member.

Collaborate seamlessly with Teams feature!

With Finaeo’s new Teams functionality, you can share and manage your contacts with your brokerage firm. As a Teams owner or admin, you will have the ability to invite team members to your team from your dashboard and determine their level of access.

  • Create a team and invite your colleagues to collaborate
  • Take advantage of bulk contact management 
  • Assign and manage roles and capabilities

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Finaeo is on a mission to help you bridge the digital divide between you and your clients. 

  • Access 1,000+ carrier products.
  • Run product comparisons, generate quotes, and start the checkout process in a matter of minutes.
  • Digitally onboard customers through customizable fact-find questionnaires.
  • Invite clients to self-onboard through a broker-branded white-labeled client portal.
  • Generate more leads with broker landing pages and contact capturing forms.
  • Easily manage contacts, store documents, and create notes. 

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