The Future is Now! Digitally Connecting P&C and Life Sales for Insurance Brokers

15 February 2022 | 2 pm EST / 11 am PST 




Welcome to the Finaeo and Canopy Connect webinar!

FINAEO and Canopy Connect are excited to share how plugging their systems together via Zapier eliminates double contact entry, and helps P&C agents more effectively capture Life Insurance opportunities.

Capture all P&C and life policies using Canopy Connect and have relevant Life quoting data show up directly in FINAEO right after. Canopy Connect helps agents collect P&C and life insurance information from the prospect with just 1-click.

The cross-sell of Life helps front load agency revenue and further lock in the client relationships through a more meaningful conversation than your typical home and auto talk. In addition to revenue generation and client retention, cross-selling more Life protects clients and protects “Full Service” agencies from potential E&O claims.

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