UV Insurance Selects Finaeo to Drive Next-generation Digital Distribution for Insurance Advisors

Finaeo has partnered with UV Insurance to revolutionize the industry and drive a seamless prospect-to-policy journey for life insurance advisors. 

Today, a fast-growing insurtech company Finaeo and UV Insurance are launching their first partnership to make headway in the digital development of the insurance industry. For over 130 years, UV Insurance has been providing clients with individual and group insurance, investment, and retirement products by offering flexible and customizable products. UV Insurance is partnering with Canada’s largest broker-focused life insurance marketplace, Finaeo, to help insurance advisors further enhance their experience in the life insurance and critical illness buying process. 

Finaeo is transforming the insurance industry with a new partnership that provides a more advanced customer journey and equips advisors with a fully integrated experience. As part of their mission to provide customers with an end-to-end experience that is automated and simple, Finaeo continues to innovate for the independent broker community. 

“Finaeo is on a mission to drive the next generation of digital distribution for
insurance advisors to enhance their experience in the insurance buying process.
This integration with UV Insurance is a real game changer for insurance advisors
to create a seamless prospect-to-policy journey” – Aly Dhalla, CEO/Co-Founder at

What to Expect Next

The new integration will drive this innovation to the market that insurance agents were looking for over the last 50 years. From digital onboarding to needs assessment, quote-to-apply-to-bind, UV Insurance, and Finaeo are revolutionizing how advisors serve clients for the next generation of distribution.

UV Insurance will have a prominent place in the Finaeo Marketplace with advisors being able to compare quotes and launch an application through Finaeo’s marketplace. The first phase of the integrated experience will enable brokers to seamlessly move from Finaeo to a UV application. The UV Insurance application is automatically updated through APIs with client data from Finaeo, reducing duplicate data entry and administrative burden for advisors.


About Finaeo

Finaeo is an insurance technology company that connects independent life and health insurance brokers with prospects and policyholders through a digital ecosystem. From its roots in Canada, the company now serves customers in the United States. Finaeo’s mission is to globally build the digital fabric to connect and power life and health insurance. With Finaeo Marketplace’s integration of more products and services, brokers will reduce redundant work, and consumers will benefit from a more personable experience.

Finaeo’s tools provide brokers with the ability to:

  • Onboard customers (through customizable fact-find questionnaires)
  • Invite clients to self-on board (through a broker-branded white-labelled
    client portal)
  • Store data in Finaeo’s Contact Manager
  • Seamlessly move into a marketplace where brokers can quote, compare
    and apply in one continuous workflow.


About UV Insurance

UV Insurance provides flexible and customizable life insurance and critical illness
and investment and retirement products, all customized for your customer’s specific needs. Their mission is to be “A team dedicated to delivering innovative experience and solutions that promote financial and overall health. “Insure” peace of mind.” To maintain high-quality products, they work with experts who deliver exceptional personal-based services. UV Insurance offers a range of flexible and affordable products that ensure financial security and reduce health concerns.