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Understanding Millennials & Gen Z Insurance Buying Behaviours

Millennials and Gen Zers have similar values and expectations. They prioritize work-life balance and well-being, and job transitions are up 80% and 50% year-over-year, respectively. 

Why do these statistics matter? Because understanding the values and priorities of Millennials and Gen Zers will better equip insurance providers to create an effective strategy to attract and retain them as clients. 

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The Digital Brokerage: A guide to adapting your brokerage firm to new customer demands

Insurance is undergoing a digital transformation powered by InsurTech startups, which demonstrate how innovative technology can deliver products and services customers want in business. In addition, agents and employees desire a way to easily access carrier products, share, and work with information, as well as manage their customer interactions at any time.

In this white paper, we’ll go over how to optimize your day-to-day activities with automation, meet client demands of a personalized digital onboarding process and digitize your business to increase revenue. 

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The Future of Life Insurance: 5 Steps to Success

A growing number of insurance companies are using data analytics and digital technologies, including artificial intelligence. These technological changes have impacted customer expectations, operating cost structures, and business models.

As customer demands increase and ROI becomes increasingly essential, data analytics and artificial intelligence will cease to be considered innovative.

If life insurers wish to succeed in the next decade, they must focus on five related areas to improve customer service and generate shareholder value. Read More

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A Guide to Digital Transformation

Harvard Business Review Analytic Services conducted a survey that revealed 26% of digital leaders believe that the absence of an established digital transformation strategy is their biggest organizational challenge

Another 84% of the executives surveyed agree that new business opportunities are emerging as their organization digitally transforms.

If life insurance brokers are looking to increase their prospecting, sales, and customer retention, digitization is the next step they should take.

Learn more about how to digitize your insurance business and choose the right insurance technology in our white paper.

Future Proof Your Business as a Hybrid Advisor


The global pandemic has caused the insurance industry to adopt digital and contactless operations. Recent studies have indicated that clients are placing more business with technology-enabled “hybrid advisors” than ever before.

In this white paper, we outline how advisors can use technology to their advantage, especially in today’s digital-first economy.

Learn how advisors can take a hybrid approach – a blend of automated technology and human interaction – to win clients and grow their book of business.